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The company


Experts in tulle manufacturing

GIRALTEX is a company specialized in manufacturing all kind of tulles: basic, fantasy, plumeti, etc. and also experts in the finishing procedures like pleating, printed, and more. Born as a small company in 1978 (serving clients for 40 years), we continue to offer a personalized service that allows us to fulfill any kind of order. Our extensive stock allows us to serve our product without interruption, any time, any volume.


Excellent treatment

  • Personalized service

    We listen to your needs and we give them an answer. Just tell us what you need.

  • Fast response

    Our stock allows us to fulfill your orders with celerity no matter the volume.

  • International

    Our creations are well received by national and international customers.

  • Custom needs

    We have our own design department, who wants to listen to you and to create your perfect product.


An unequalled product

Quality is our compromise

It's not only about offering a good product. For us, it's about offering you the best product possible.

Our tulles are made fulffilling the highest quality standards, using the most precise manufacturing methods, and under the most demanding quality control.


Multi-purpose tulles


Tulles are tools at the service of creative minds

As tools the applications of Giraltex Tulles are infinite. This is an example of some sectors that use Giraltex products:

  • Fashion designers and manufacturers of Bridal, Communion, Party, Ceremony, Infant, Baby, etc.
  • Fabric traders
  • Ateliers
  • Embroidery professionals
  • Interior designers


Our customers

Since 1978, we work for the most demanding professionals

Our customer base is made of small and big fashion designers, to small ateliers or embroidery professionals. Feel free to ask us for references.