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She was never without dark glasses, she was always well groomed, there was a consequential good taste in the plainness of her clothes, the blues and greys and lack of luster that made her, herself, shine so.
(Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Truman Capote, 1924-1984)


materials for creation


All kind of tulles: basic, plumeti, invisible, printed and exclusive designs. Eternal colours and trendy colours. Elegance or fantasy, classic or daring. You choose. Giraltex tulles are the material which dreams are made from. Our tulles have the best quality for new design lines.


exclusive designs


We have exclusive and own designs that will make your creations different. Because innovative material is a way of expression.

  • Tulle plumeti with new designs and colours, born of the fusion between technology, creativity and tradition
  • Pleated tulle, special manipulated combining classicism and trends, achieving a timeless elegance
  • Printed tulle, fruit of the ability and creativity of our Design Department, together with our basic collections and the interpretation of international trends of each season


always a step ahead


The Design Department of Giraltex brings new products every season, to accomodate the new international trends in materials, colours and prints. Because create is far more than just manufacture.


Choose your style

Basic tulles

Basic tulles with different finishes, thicknesses and textures. From the most silky to the stiffest.

Pleated tulles

Pleated tulles in different models, to obtain exclusive designs with personality.

Printed tulles

Printed tulles, Organdí and False Smooth, with the highest quality in design and colour, following the trends of each season.

Plumeti Tulles

Tulles plumeti with different patterns in shape, size and colour.